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Create The Writers Room, is a vision materialized by Actor, Writer, Producer Rickey Castleberry in fall 2019, out of an abundance of frustration derived from the lack of access for marginalized storytellers to perpetuate their truths from script to screen.  
CTWR is more than an initiative, it's a movement. A call to action for social change to reflect the voices of those who have been oppressed and shut out of the rooms.   
Such a community was lacking across all of Film & Television — for Castleberry, having made his way as a writer now through his production company 19f Productions — it was time to give back and make a change. The goal of CTWR is to empower emerging writers to “Write In Color” and diversify stories, while pushing boundaries. 
To create a community where writers can find answers, where writers can gain knowledge, and ultimately the insight into the landscape of Hollywood. This is the purpose behind CTWR. To champion Castleberry’s call for change in the industry — by helping those armed only with their dreams and work ethic, struggling for a chance to be seen.
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