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Spec That Scene

Spec That Scene

Spec That Scene

Call To Action: 


Storytelling through TV/Film has always played a paramount role as a form of protest used to combat the mischaracterization and injustices experienced by people of color in America. The powerful clips from the shows and films above have pushed the dial and educated a broad audience on the shared experience and hard truths marginalized individuals face daily. With the current sociopolitical climate, it is more important than ever that people of color tell their story.

Spec That Scene turns the practice of spec scripts into a call for action- the equivocal title referring to both: The common industry practice, and the opportunity for creatives to use their voice and Spec the realities happening right now.



Spec That Scene: 


Showcase your voice, draft a spec scene from a TV/Film of your choice using the above clips, with the intent of highlighting a social issue or challenge faced by people of color. This is an opportunity for diverse writers to use their voice to share commentary on the topic of their choice.


How To Participate: 


1)  Use an above clip of your choice to spec a scene addressing prevalent sociopolitical issues that affect diverse communities.  


2)  Upload your submission  on or before July 30th, 2020 (11:59pm PST) 


3)  Follow Create The Writers Room Instagram page:  @writencolor


Chosen Spec Writer will receive:

-  A brand new MACBOOK AIR,

- Final Draft

- Coffee with TV Writer. 

- Meeting with Lit Agent


"Our mission hasn't changed, our passion hasn't changed but the work we have to do, to amplify our voices has to be met with a magnification that our stories matter, our lives matter, our civil rights matter... Black Lives Matter." 


Rickey Castleberry 

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